Supervision and building

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  • Elaboration of the list of costs and analysis of the costs
  • Preparation and elaboration of the project
  • Procurement of the building permit, coordination with the public services
  • Drafting of the building dynamic plan
  • Making of the contractual documentation
  • Writing of the building diary
  • Writing of the building book
  • Writing of the monthly progress payments during the building period
  • Coordination of all contractors and partners during the building period
  • Coordination of the works with the building dynamic during the building period
  • Supervision of the construction works
  • Coordination with the investor during the whole building period
  • Excavation works
  • Construction works
  • Preparation and elaboration of the project
  • For bigger projects we offer a packet of services in cooperation with an experienced team that covers all areas concerning building (planning, surveyor services, construction works, water and electricity installations etc.).

    For foreign citizens we offer the service of the complete leading of the project, ranging from the search for the building plot, over the procurement of the necessary documentation to the taking over of the newly built object. Our employees speak English and German fluently.

    Each service can be arranged separately.